POS端末市場 2024-2028年 – Juniper Research

POS Terminals Market: 2024-2028

POS端末市場 2024-2028年 – Juniper Research


Our POS Terminals research suite provides detailed and insightful analysis of this evolving market; enabling stakeholders from POS hardware manufacturers, payment infrastructure providers, software developers and hospitality and retail vendors to understand future growth, key trends and the competitive environment.

The suite includes several different options that can be purchased separately, including access to data mapping the future growth of POS, an intuitive study uncovering the latest trends and opportunities within the market, and a document containing extensive analysis of the 27 market leaders within the POS terminals space. The coverage can also be purchased as a Full Research Suite, containing all these elements, and including a substantial discount.

Collectively, they provide a critical tool for understanding this rapidly emerging market; allowing POS manufacturers and technology vendors to shape their future strategy. Its unparalleled coverage makes this research suite an incredibly useful resource for charting the future of such a high-growth market.

POS端末市場 2024-2028年 - Juniper Research

Market Data & Forecasting Report

The market-leading research suite for the POS Terminals market includes access to the full set of forecast data of 101 tables and over 46,000 datapoints. Metrics in the research suite include:

  • Total POS Terminals Installed Base
  • Total POS Transaction Volume
  • Total POS Transaction Value

These metrics are provided for the following key market verticals:

  • Dedicated POS
  • Contactless POS
  • mPOS
  • Biometric POS
  • Smart POS
  • Soft POS

POS端末市場 2024-2028年 – Juniper Research