5G将来戦略 2024-2028年 – Juniper Research

5G Future Strategies Market: 2024-2028

5G将来戦略 2024-2028年

5G将来戦略 2024-2028年1


Our new Future 5G Strategies research suite provides key market stakeholders with a detailed and comprehensive evaluation of the impact of emerging technologies on the growth of the 5G market. Network operators, network vendors and IoT service providers will benefit from unparalleled insight and strategic recommendations on practices to best implement and monetise services such as:
  • 5G Advanced
  • 5G RedCap (Reduced Capacity)
  • 5G Fixed Wireless Access
  • Standalone Networks
  • Non-terrestrial Networks

Research Deliverables

5G将来戦略 2024-2028年 - Juniper Research

Juniper Research Interactive Forecast Excel contains the following functionality:

  • Statistics Analysis: Users benefit from the ability to search for specific metrics; displayed in for all regions and countries across the data period. Graphs are easily modified and can be exported to the clipboard.
  • Country Data Tool: This tool lets users look at metrics for all regions and countries in the forecast period. Users can refine the metrics displayed via a search bar.
  • Country Comparison Tool: Users can select countries and compare each of them for specific countries. The ability to export graphs is included in this tool.
  • What-if Analysis: Here, users can compare forecast metrics against their own assumptions. 5 interactive scenarios.


5G将来戦略 2024-2028年 – Juniper Research