V2Xサイバーセキュリティ市場 : 2030年までの世界予測

V2X Cybersecurity Market – Global Forecast to 2030

V2Xサイバーセキュリティ市場 : 形式 (車載&外部クラウドサービス)、通信タイプ (V2I、V2V、V2G、V2P)、セキュリティフレームワーク (PKI &組み込み)、セキュリティタイプ、接続タイプ、推進力、車両タイプ&地域別 – 2030年までの世界予測
V2X Cybersecurity Market by Form (In-vehicle and External Cloud Services), Communication Type (V2I, V2V, V2G, and V2P), Security Framework (PKI and Embedded), Security type, Connectivity Type, Propulsion, Vehicle Type and Region – Global Forecast to 2030

The global V2X cybersecurity market is projected to grow from USD 42 million in 2023 to USD 778 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 51.3%.

世界の V2X サイバーセキュリティ市場は、2023 年の 4,200 万米ドルから、2030 年までに 51.3% の CAGR で 7,780 億米ドルに成長すると予測されています。

The growth of the V2X cybersecurity market is driven by the increasing demand for connected vehicles and the significant expansion of the automotive V2X market. Additionally, the surging sales of electric vehicles, supported by governmental initiatives promoting V2X technology, are expected to open up new opportunities for the V2X cybersecurity market.

V2Xサイバーセキュリティ市場 : 2030年までの世界予測

The report provides insight on the following pointers:
• Analysis of key drivers (Large amount of data generated by vehicles and increasing cyberattacks, Significantly growing global automotive V2X market, Increasing demand for fully autonomous driving and safe vehicles, Reinforcement of mandates by regulatory bodies for vehicle data protection), restraints (Complex ecosystem with multiple stakeholders, Lack of infrastructure for proper functioning of V2X, Underdeveloped regulatory frameworks in V2X cybersecurity), challenges (Need for keeping up with continuous evolutions in V2X ecosystem, Legacy systems and cybersecurity mismatch), and opportunities (Increasing trend of connected and autonomous vehicle technologies prone to cyberattacks, Rising demand for electric vehicles, Specialized coverage for v2x cybersecurity challenges).
• Product Development/Innovation: Detailed insights on upcoming technologies, research & development activities, and new product & service launches in the automotive V2X market.
• Market Development: Comprehensive information about lucrative markets – the report analyses the V2X cybersecurity market across varied regions.
• Market Diversification: Exhaustive information about new products & services, untapped geographies, recent developments, and investments in the V2X cybersecurity market.
• Competitive Assessment: In-depth assessment of market ranking, growth strategies, and service offerings of leading players like ESCRYPT GmbH (Germany), Qualcomm Incorporated (US), Autotalks (Israel), AUTOCRYPT Co., Ltd. (Korea), and Continental AG (Germany) among others in V2X cybersecurity market.