Juniper Researchの市場調査レポート(2023.09.01)

Juniper Research(ジュニパーリサーチ)の調査レポートの販売を開始いたしました。詳細は各リンク先をご参照ください。



  • 世界のローミング詐欺市場 2023-2028年
    Global Roaming Fraud Market 2023-2028
    Juniper Research’s latest Roaming Fraud research delivers a comprehensive assessment of the impact of fraudulent activities on operator roaming revenue and the strategies that businesses and mobile network operators can employ to mitigate roaming fraud. Additional insight is provided via the Juniper Research Country Readiness Index, which evaluates how 60 countries are performing in the mitigation of roaming fraud.
  • 世界のクレジットスコアリング市場 2023-2028年
    Global Credit Scoring Market 2023-2028
    Juniper Research’s Credit Scoring research report provides a detailed assessment of how credit scoring is ensuring that businesses have a concise analysis on customers, by obtaining a credit report which looks into credit history and credit risk. Alternative credit scoring methods are able to boost financial inclusion, especially in emerging markets with unbanked and underbanked populations, as they assess alternative data variables instead of the typical payment history and instances of late payments.