Juniper Researchの市場調査レポート(2023.09.29)

Juniper Research(ジュニパーリサーチ)の調査レポートの販売を開始いたしました。詳細は各リンク先をご参照ください。



  • 世界のビジネス用RCSメッセージ市場 2023-2028年
    Global RCS Business Messaging Market 2023-2028
    Juniper Research’s RCS Business Messaging research provides a comprehensive assessment of the growing RCS market and its challenges; identifying key focus markets aligned with strategic recommendations and emerging opportunities for market stakeholders. It also includes Juniper Research’s Competitor Leaderboard, featuring an in-depth evaluation of 15 RCS business messaging vendors using quantitative and qualitative scoring criteria.
  • 世界の5G衛星ネットワーク市場 2023-2030年
    Global 5G Satellite Networks Market 2023-2030
    Juniper Research 5G Satellite Networks Market research suite provides a thorough assessment of the prospects and emerging opportunities in this nascent market. It includes an evaluation of the role that future satellite networks will play in 5G, and future 6G networks, and the monetisation models that operators can implement. It also provides a regional assessment of 60 select countries in the readiness for 5G satellite networks in the Juniper Research Country Readiness Index.
  • 世界のIoTローミング市場 2023-2028年
    Global IoT Roaming Market 2023-2028
    Juniper Research’s latest IoT Roaming research provides a comprehensive assessment of this rapidly growing market, including a regional analysis which meticulously assesses future opportunities within the IoT roaming market for operators and vendors. The report includes key recommendations for stakeholders, 5-year forecasts aligned with strategic analysis, our competitor leaderboard for 18 IoT roaming vendors and in-depth examination of roaming over cellular and LPWA (Low-power Wide area) network connectivity.
  • BaaP(Banking-as-a-Platform):市場予測、動向、戦略 2023-2028年
    Banking-as-a-Platform: Market Forecasts, Trends & Strategies 2023-2028
    Juniper Research’s first Banking-as-a-Platform (BaaP) report provides in-depth analysis and evaluation of how financial institutions are reimagining their business operating model by creating a BaaP ecosystem alongside third-party providers. The research delivers critical insights on how BaaP will grow over the forecast period, by conducting three in-depth case studies that reflect the perspective of different stakeholders in BaaP such as incumbent banks, digital banks and API distributors alongside their future prospects. It provides an evaluation of the development of BaaP across 60 different key countries of interest. The study also contains a segment analysis which identifies the current status and influence of various verticals within the BaaP market, such as SMEs, large enterprises, traditional banks, neobanks and consumers.
  • ネットワークトークナイゼーション市場 2023-2028年
    Network Tokenisation Market : 2023-2028
    Juniper Research’s Network Tokenisation research report provides a detailed evaluation of the market, including different payment types that utilise network tokenisation, including eCommerce, mobile payments and IoT transactions. The research also considers the future challenges of network tokenisation in the payments ecosystem, and emerging trends within the space. In addition, this report covers market opportunities; providing strategic insights into the development of network tokenisation in line with new technologies, such as AI and machine learning. It highlights key steps that are important for both vendors and merchants to take on implementing network tokenisation in order to improve security and approval rates within payments.