eSIMおよびiSIMの世界市場 2024-2028年 – Juniper Research

Global eSIMs & iSIMs Market: 2024-2028

世界のeSIMおよびiSIM市場 2024-2028年

世界のeSIMおよびiSIM市場 2024-2028年


Our eSIMs and iSIMs research suite provides an in-depth analysis and evaluation of how connectivity requirements are changing specifically within the consumer and IoT markets. The report assesses how the release of eSIM-only smartphones and the GSMA’s SGP.32 specifications will provide enhanced flexibility and report profile provisioning capabilities to complement the growth of the cellular IoT market. Additionally, Juniper Research leverages its expertise to hypothesise the impact the anticipated SGP.41/42 releases on the iSIMs and IoT market.

世界のeSIMおよびiSIM市場 2024-2028年 - Juniper Research

Juniper Research’s Interactive Forecast Excel contains the following functionality:

  • Statistics Analysis: Users benefit from the ability to search for specific metrics; displayed for all regions and countries across the data period. Graphs are easily modified and can be exported to the clipboard.
  • Country Data Tool: This tool lets users look at metrics for all regions and countries in the forecast period. Users can refine the metrics displayed via a search bar.
  • Country Comparison Tool: Users can select countries and compare each of them for specific countries. The ability to export graphs is included in this tool.
  • What-if Analysis: Here, users can compare forecast metrics against their own assumptions, featuring 5 interactive scenarios.